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Closed loop current sensors measure AC, DC and impulse current over 0-25, 0-50, 0-100 Amp ranges. The FCS12 Series is based on the principles of hall effect and the null balance or zero magnetic flux method (feedback system). The magnetic flux in the sensor core is constantly controlled at zero. The amount of current required to balance zero flux is the measure of the primary current flowing through the conductor, multiplied by the ratio of the primary to secondary windings. This closed loop current is the output from the device and presents an image of the primary current reduced by the number of secondary turns at any time. This current can be expressed as a voltage by passing it through a resistor.


Nominal Current (In): 25Arms

Measuring Range: 0~±90A

Measuring Resistance (@±15V, ±25A): 54ohm, 360ohm max.

Measuring Resistance (@±15V, ±90A): 54ohm, 54ohm max.

Turns Ratio: 1, 2, 3, 4:1000

Accuracy at +25@25A: >0.5%

Supply Voltage: ±15V DC (±5%) 

Galvanic Isolation: 5kV rms/50Hz/min



Unit: mm





XX--Product model code, which is generally two figure codes

      11--Open-loop current sensor

      12--Closed loop sensor

      22—Magnetic Resistance (MR) current sensor

-XXX--Measuring range code

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